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Meeting to discuss arrangements for 458th Urs of Hyder Baba Reshi (Rashmool) held at Anantnag

 Meeting to discuss arrangements for 458th Urs of Hyder Baba Reshi (Rashmool) held at Anantnag

ANANTNAG, MAY 16: In connection with the upcoming 458th Urs e Mubarak of Hyder Baba Reshi (Rashmool), the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Anantnag, SM Ashraf today convened a meeting to discuss the necessary arrangements.

The Urs e Mubarak, starting from 19th May and culminating on 23rd May, is a significant religious event for the local community.

The ADC along with concerned officials and community leaders, gathered at the district administrative headquarters to plan and coordinate the various aspects of the event. The meeting aimed to ensure the smooth conduct of the Urs e Mubarak and provide adequate facilities for the thousands of devotees expected to attend.

During the meeting, the ADC emphasized the importance of maintaining peace, harmony, and communal amity throughout the duration of the event. Security arrangements were also discussed in detail, with a focus on crowd management, traffic control, and deployment of additional personnel to ensure the safety of participants.

The ADC directed the concerned departments to ensure the availability of clean drinking water, proper sanitation facilities, and waste management systems in and around the venue. Efforts will be made to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure a pleasant experience for all attendees.

Furthermore, transportation arrangements were reviewed to facilitate the movement of devotees from different parts of the region.

The ADC instructed the concerned authorities to ensure the availability of public transportation and make necessary arrangements for parking facilities near the event site.

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