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Teachers may face stern disciplinary action, incarceration for Corporal punishment to students

 Teachers may face stern disciplinary action, incarceration for Corporal punishment to students


Teachers may face stern disciplinary action, incarceration for Corporal punishment : CEO Anantnag

Bhat Imran

Srinagar, May 15 (KNO): Chief Education Anantnag has said that teachers involved in corporal punishment can be incarcerated.

According to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Chief Education Officer (CEO) Anantnag said this following a meeting conducted by Deputy Commissioner Anantnag with the HOls, Zonal Education Officers of Anantnag.

“Corporal punishment is banned in all educational institutions as enshrined in Right to Education Act 2009 and if any teacher would violate the norms shall warrant stern disciplinary action and can even be incarcerated for committing this crime,” the CEO said. The CEO that in case of any misconduct shown by any student, the parent may be informed for proper counseling in a friendly atmosphere.

The official also said that the attendance of the students has to be a priority for all the schools and every school has to appoint a School Nodal Officer who can keep liaison with the parents to assess and overcome absenteeism. “The Nodal Officer shall share the details with CEO office on weekly basis through the HoIs and Zonal Education Officer concerned.”

The CEO also said that a monthly parent- teacher meet has to be a regular feature of the every institution in the district.

”Every school has to have a schedule prepared for conducting activities like competitions, debates, discussions etc embedded with Curricular, Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities for the development of 21st century skills among the children, so that they can have a holistic growth and can compete nationally/ internationally,” the CEO said.

In the meeting, CEO Anantnag also said that certain departments are conducting an inspection of schools to check if they are safe for the children or if any electric wire, transformer, open well, or anything that makes the school vulnerable and may cause harm to the students, shall have to be immediately reported for further course of action.

”The school uniform and books have to be saturated in all the schools and any shortfalls be reported so that they can be arranged well in time. Students must always be in proper, clean and neat uniform,” reads the official communique.

The official said that HoIs shall ensure that Learner Centered Approach' is adopted all over to avoid any rigid kind of row system that otherwise stigmatizes the back benchers.

“Every student should be given chance on rotation basis to express his thoughts in Morning Assembly,” the official said.

According to the CEO Anantnag, the complex and cluster heads have been instructed to conduct some inter-school student exchange programmes, so as to improve and enhance the learning ecosystem in and around the cluster or complex level—(KNO)

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