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*A young Trailblazer who initiated to start up assembling of E-RICKSHAWS in Srinagar*


A young Trailblazer who initiated to start up assembling of E-RICKSHAWS in Srinagar

*Mehreen Altaf*

Srinagar, July 09 (KS) : Valley has gotten enormous changes from past several years and the impact was good as well as bad. Our economy has also effected by the diversification and there has been always a need for employment for the needy at the times' because many of the people are unemployed due to prevailing disturbance in the territory whether it be environmental and social. People who take initiative for the unemployed youth and work for the betterment of the society are real hero's.

E-Rickshaws are battery operated three wheeler electric_transport and are widely used for transporting people around cities.

Speaking to the news agency Kashmir Scroll Urbanization led to rapid growth in demand for E-Rickshaws in the country.

In recent past, we have seen E- rickshaw motors were introduced in the most parts of the srinagar city. The main aim was to combat arising air pollution levels and to initiate new economy engagement for unemployed youth. Among the other incredible smart City project, E-rickshaw motors started in srinagar city was also included. 

With this regard, a young Trailblazer from srinagar started a project of assembling E-rickshaw motors initiated which also have a service centre in the place. 

E-Rickshaw is a vehicle powered by battery that is designed as a three wheeled transport. When it comes to manufacturing E-RICKSHAW, there are different stages and processes involved for it's manufacture. 

I includes body, battery, charger, electric motor, speed controller unit and other parts which are attached to frame the vehicle by the help of rodes.

"It is always plane chassis at first and rodes that are not connected. Rodes and hub rodes are then attached with motor and wires that are step by step framed to complete it's assembling" he said. 

He clarified that it consists of 4 excide batteries that are interconnected to each other to generate power and full charged batteries will take us to approximate 90 kilometres on road.

Why this initiative has been taken?

"Unemployment is rising among the jk youth. So, to increase employment for our kashmiri brother we start up this assembling here" he said

How you were able to engage with it?

"Because we were first e-company which dealt with electronic vehicles in Kashmir. Then with experience, we got an idea to involve kashmiri brothers with it otherwise it is being made outside the kashmir" he said. 

"It is framed step by step and completed within 2 days. The component parts are being transported from Delhi, Kolkata and other parts of the country. Then they are assembled in the place which has been named as Kashmir EV motors.

"Motive behind this initiative was to generate employment among the youth and encourage them to work in their own mother land", he said. (KS)

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