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At Health Centre In Alamgari Bazar Srinagar, doctors prescribe medicine on 1/4th piece of A4 size paper

 At Health Centre In Alamgari Bazar Srinagar, doctors prescribe medicine on 1/4th piece of A4 size paper 

Lack Of Prescription Pad, Other Facilities Belie Official Claims, Locals Urge Govt To Augment Facilities In View Of Muharram 

Srinagar, July 12 (GNS): Claims of “revolutionizing” health infrastructure by authorities notwithstanding, there are not even prescription pads for doctors to prescribe medicine at a government-run health centre in Zadibal Alamgari Bazaar of Srinagar.

The doctors now prescribe the medicine on a small 1/4th piece of an A4 size paper and a senior doctor at the health institution told GNS that “even this is provided by them from their own pocket.”

“I visited the health centre some ten days back and there was no official prescription pad available but then the doctor prescribed medicine on a full A4 size paper and now they write prescription on 1/4th of the A4 size paper which is pathetic,” said Aqib Ahmad, a resident of Lal Bazar.

Another patient said that hardly any medicine is available at the “Ayushman Bharat” centre set up inside the hospital. “Most, if not all, medicines are to be purchased from outside,” he said.

There is some construction going on at the Health centre but locals said the overall cleanliness is lacking at the Centre.

A senior doctor at the hospital said that they have been repeatedly told from the last ten days or so that prescription pads are “being printed”.

“Prescription by doctor on a valid prescription pad has its own importance,” said a lawyer who was at the health centre accompanying a patient. “Let us take an example of court proceedings, anyone with valid prescription, of course subject to satisfaction of the court, can even be exempted from appearance and court may not issue warrant etc against him and how can someone go with this 1/4th piece of paper which no not even stamp etc,” he said.

The locals said that the month of Muharram is beginning in a few days time and the area being Shia dominated, the authorities should augment facilities at the health centre and keep necessary medicine and allied things ready there.

Meanwhile, when GNS sought to take up these issues with the Director Health Services Kashmir, he did not respond to repeated phone calls. (GNS)

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