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Famous kashmiri matka kulfi seller who performed 6 hajjs

Famous kashmiri matka kulfi seller who performed 6 hajjs

Mehreen Altaf

Srinagar, July 08 (KS): Kashmir valley is known for it's art, culture and heritage which is widely known throughout the territory and India and the world . District Srinagar is most prominently featured to be the soul of J&k and downtown area popularly known as shehr e khas is famous for it's rich heritage and lifestyle which attracts visitors to spend quality time in the area. 

The place being famous for barbeques of khayam, harisa from Aali kadal, delicious matka kulfi from bohri kadal and what not.

Then it comes to name Matka, we enshrine ourself with perseverance and taste which matka kulfi consists of, and our mind gets prepared to have it with white noodles that adds to it's flavour. We forget everything from the main bazaar of bohri kadal but our eyes attract the stall of milky ice cream famously called matka kulfi. Matka kulfi in Kashmir has a long history behind and it was first made by famous "Amma budi" who died in 1992 known to be the master of matka kulfi and every one now are imitating his style of making kulfis. 

Here is an amazing journey of a man named Haji Mohammad Yousuf chotta who performed 6 Hajj from the earnings which he used to get by selling the matka kufli. 

As per news agency Kashmir Scroll, he performs umrah every year. He also took his family members with him for umrah and hajj by hard earned money which he earn by selling these matka kulfi's. 

 Why people Calling him Matka chacha?

People who used to visit the chacha as the name has been given to him by his customers and taste his kulfi which has same flavour as used to be in earlier days of his profession. There used to be bowl for eating kulfi's at his stall but to COVID 19 pandemic, it has been changed into disposal glasses.

" It is all because of Milk and to be honest I was not aware of what Khoya (ice cream made of milk) mean but I used to made it with milk and dry fruits". He clarified

He said that It is made by the grace of Almighty and what my father showed me, I am following the same trend. 

One thing I know is that it's milk should be pure, he added.

He further explained, "At the time of my father, there used to be pound like 5 paise, 2 paise and 1 rupees was made of silver. 

His father started making kulfi's by these coins then he started work and used to sell these milk made kulfi's. In 1971, he had sold his first kulfi at the rate of 5 paise in the Nowhatta area of srinagar. Now, the rate is almost of Rs 50. 

There are several matka kulfi sellers but the customers recognise my kulfi, finding it tasty and same as I used to made in an earlier times. The taste is delicious and these people call me chacha, he added.

People being unsatisfied with their profession 

As world economy is increasing day by day, technology has marked it's place. People are doing great but still ungrateful and unsatisfied with their own profession. Nowadays, we see people cursing their own work by one way or the other but this matka kulfi seller is the pure example of prayer, dedication, consistency and hardwork. He is much satisfied with his profession.

"I don't know what it is, it is same what my father teach me as he was also the matka kulfi seller. He teach, I learnt and by the grace of Almighty this has been my wonderful journey of making kulfi's purely from milk" he said

People from far flung areas come to him to taste his hand made delicious kulfi in a mould. The earthy round pot which is used mostly as water storage cooler and kulfi's within mould are being kept in this earthy pot with ice inside it for freezing 

"You need to be faithful to your profession and sincerity towards it leads you to success" he added 

"People don't appreciate what they already have and I have seen people started making kulfi's who have less knowledge about it but still they left their own profession. Customers do recognise the quality and that is the reason there is a huge rush for mine matka kulfi", he explained

"I am satisfied with my profession and I will do it till my last breath" he added.

Performed hajj while selling famous Kulfi

He performed hajj and umrah only from this earning of selling kulfi's otherwise he had other businesses like restaurant and bakery shop but he has not used that earning to perform Hajj. In 1985, he had performed his first hajj at the rate of Rs 25000/. as the ticket to Makkah were quite low.

"This is my hard earned money and I did everything from it like built a house, marriage of daughters, education of children and created new business for children but I myself truly enjoy it and find peace from this earning", he said

Kulfi stall

A local resident of nowhatta told that there were famous matka kulfi sellers in bohri kadal area of downtown and only one at nowhatta. But, he left the place back in 1997 and started his business at lal bazar srinagar.

"I am here from past 25 years. Due to internal disturbance and tension back in 19's, I left nowhatta area", He said

Message to the people

He always praying for the betterment of people and said,"In winters I used to went for umrah every year and spend 2or 3 months with dawat e tableeg. In summers, I sell these makta kulfi's".

If people have any work and do it with hardwork, dedication and consistency then you will succeed in this dunya as well as in Akhirah", he said.(KS)

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