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Historical Smallest Mosque in Srinagar City

 Historical Smallest Mosque in Srinagar City 

Mehreen Altaf / Faizan Mir

Srinagar, July 11 (KS) : Incredibly innovative and sheering to present the beauty of the kashmir, we have experienced many ups and downs, every now and then, but the most important that we can't deny is about the srinagar city being historically featured by it's art, craft, taste, tomb and heritage. 

The Kashmir which had been the place of saints and worshippers consists of many big mosques where people went for worshipping. We have historical Jamia Masjid, Aali masjid, Dargah Mosque, Hamdan Mosque(Khanqa e moula) and famous Mosque at Dastigeer sahab shrine.

With all these big famous mosques in the city, there is one smallest mosque in the main bazaar of the town at regal lane, lal chowk, Srinagar which had been founded by the local trader of the area back in 1968. 

As per the local traders, A person named Ghulam Mohammad Khan, a trader who laid the foundation of this mosque in 1968. He has been the only one who used to pray in the mosque. He used to do ablution and offer namaz on a daily basis. Later, because of his efforts, the popularity of this mosque widely spread throughout the place.


A Caretaker of the mosque taking to the news agency Kashmir Scroll that the people wouldn't have seen such a smallest beautifully designed mosque. When the Azaan(Call to prayer) is given by the muezzin(proclaimer of the azaan), Strangers who don't know whereabouts of the mosque and wants to offer a prayer ask to the local traders about the azaan, where it is been pronounced, and where the mosque is located.

"Nobody understands where the azaan been pronounced because the mosque is very small and people can't recognise it at first" he said

The mosque having 2 concrete stories built in 2011 with the place of ablution in the ground floor and there are Clocks fixed on the wall for the timings of the prayers. The names are mentioned at the top of the every clock as Zuhr , Asr, magrib and Isha respectively in order to recognise the particular time for a particular prayer.

" In winters , prayers are offered 3 times a day which includes Zuhr, Asr and Maghrib, and in summers Isha prayer is also offered at it's own time" said a local trader

Another Caretaker said "There was no arrangement of loud speakers at the time of Ghulam Mohammad Khan (Founder of the mosque). There was only one storey and a little arrangement for water but now we have a good water facility in the ground floor where at least 3 people can do ablution"

"Masjid was established in the year 1968 by the Ghulam Mohammad Khan who had died and then in 2011, it was rebuilt with 2 storey. There are more than 2 people who are caretakers of the masjid and they collect funds for the masjid whenever be needed", he added

Being a small in it's space which can accommodate only 20 to 25 people, Mosque is an incredibly historical and beautifully designed both inside and outside.[KS]

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