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Protest by F&ES aspirants wearing shrouds in Srinagar press enclave


Protest by F&ES aspirants wearing shrouds in Srinagar press enclave

Mehreen Altaf

Srinagar, July 10 (KS) : Times' change and we are been hiring with increasing growth of intellect, understanding and socializing. Education also a part and parcel of our living is not what we think of. It has changed from simple learning to complex and advanced one. The truth is we can't deny the exploitation of education system by one way or the other. we have seen how aspirants are protesting against the scam and malpractices that happened in the conduct of examinations for different govt. Jobs, entrance tests and many other exams. But, in the recent past, we saw most of the exams conducted for the fast track recruitment of services came under this purview of scam and fraud. Aspirants are worrying about their future and what they want is sincerity in an investigation processes.

As William Edward Gladstone rightly said "Justice delayed is justice denied" that even if justice will be given later but that would not amount to justice. So, better is that justice need to be given in an earliest of possible way.

Today, at press enclave J&k, F&ES job aspirants protested regarding scam and malpractice that has took place in the process of examination and recruitment. They were wearing shrouds (Kafan) as a mark of protest.

J&k board of F&ES has earlier conducted examination in 2013 but recruitment was cancelled. Then in 2018, it was again conducted and cancelled again. In October 2020, Over 14,000 candidates had appeared for the exam and 800 posts were of firemen and drivers. The aspirants were again not satisfied with the recruitment process and selection of candidates was even more compromised than before. The investigation was handed over to central bureau of investigation.

"Today, were are here wearing shrouds because the administration is not listening to us. They are not understanding the situation and not paying heed to our problem. How long it will take and for how many years we need to speak about it?", Saying the aspirant

The investigation report had to come within 1 month after the recruitment process was challenged but no result has come out.

"The report was to come within one month but it has been 8 months now", aspirant said.

"The administration is sleeping. if they also want to do justice with us then why they aren't responding?" he reciprocated.


Another aspirant told news agency kashmir scroll that this recruitment is pending from 2013 but the administration is still not paying any heed to the queries and no one is being punished for these scams and malpractices.

Today, we are marching towards the Raj bhawan. We hope no one will stop us as we are peacefully protesting. We want the LG administration to listen to us sincerely, he added. (KS)

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