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Meet a law student who publishes his debut book “The Crestfallen Soul

 Meet a law student who publishes his debut book “The Crestfallen Soul

Srinagar Aug 09(ANR) : Shahid Ul Islam, a youngster from Mantipora Shangus of District Anantnag has managed to debut his book titled “The Crestfallen Soul”.

This book is a collection of poetry based on reality, feelings and vehemence. It reflects the simplest of happiness, beauty of life, memories, severance and sadness. It is deeply insightful and profound collection that every poetry lover enjoys reading and would recommend to all other poetry lovers.

This book with the set of 60 poems, each addressing unique emotion every time you turn the page, has ability to draw out the most intense of emotions from the deepest reaches of one’s heart.

The book is dedicated to the bygone love and those worthy emotions that made the author to ooze ” The crestfallen soul” The passionate, emotional and intense flow of this book is what inadvertently, makes it winsome. By this marvelous debut, Author Shahid ul Islam has engraved an example of turning emotional downfall into rise.

By this compilation, the author has proven, how if we will, we can inspire to change.

Mentioning the idea about getting published, Author says “idea to write and publish flashed my mind before sometime, when i begun to submit different write ups, in newspapers addressing many issues”.

Crediting social media he says, “I remained in touch with social media and was inspired by many writers over there, so I thought to bring out my collection and thankfully I made it done. I am looking forward to ink down more as possible.”

Shahid is a law student & his journey began as a medical student until the 12th grade, fueled by a desire to become a doctor. However, due to certain challenges, he had to reconsider his career path. Shahid is highly inspired by Ummar Jamal & Mir Tajamul Islam, who are also law student at the University of Kashmir, Shahid made the decision to pursue law. This shift marked the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling journey in the legal field.

Author of the book, Shahid ul islam has said that idea to write and publish flashed his mind before sometime, when he was writing different write ups on many issues.

He said he remained in touch with social media and was inspired by many writers over there especially Muhammad Imran & Ummar Jamal.

Shahid is actively writing on different social issues through various newspapers & he is working with many NGOs like Jammu and Kashmir student association, Campus Ambassador of young lawyers’ forum and also a Campus Ambassador of law students’ forum,

Besides this, he is the motivational and elegant speaker. Moreover he is a host and has been awarded with number of certification of appreciations from different organizations and his college.He has also secured Ist rank in quiz competition in year 2017.

In order to this, he has also been shortlisted by STRO among the top 100 writers and has been awarded with the certification of appreciation. He is writing pulchritudinous articles, journals and poetry through various newspapers. He is interested in debates and speeches. Shahid wants to keep his writings so simple and lucid and his way of writing is alluring. Shahid’s beloved extended the severance and made him to write poetry. Shahid’s aim is to become an IAS officer or work in judiciary.(ANR) 

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