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DSP Sheikh Adil ‘shielded’ accused in terror funding case, reveals investigation

 DSP Sheikh Adil ‘shielded’ accused in terror funding case, reveals investigation

Srinagar, Sep 21, KDC: DySP Sheikh Adil Mushtaq was arrested on Thursday for keeping the investigation limited in lieu of bribe in terror funding case and shielding the accused, reveals official records.

Muzamil Zahoor, one of the accused in terror funding case was in contact with DSP Adil who has guided him actively as to how to mislead investigation in terror funding case. The accused DSP had also guided him to go underground.

Zahoor had approached the DSP, seeking release of main accused Umar Adil in terror funding case in FIR 20/2023 and in return the DSP had promised him for keeping the investigation limited in lieu of monetary benefits.

The chats on telegram among the two has been effected between 7 July to 19 July 2023 on telegram, the day Muazamil was arrested.

As per investigation, during this period DSP Adil has actively guided Muzamil Zahoor to file a false and frivolous complaint against the Police officers who were involved in the investigation of the case, in order to save him from the rigor of law and also to create a manipulative cover in hiding the criminal complicity of DSP Adil for his wrongdoings that had surfaced during the investigation.

The investigation further reveals that the police officer had not arrested the other two accused in the case but limited the action only to search their residential houses.

Zahoor has recorded his statement before the magistrate and made voluntary disclosure of terror funding crimes and help received by the accused Police Officer in the case.

DSP Sheikh Adil ‘shielded’ accused in terror funding case, reveals investigation. 

“I was contacted (by terrorists handlers) and asked to utilize the credited amount for the release of Umar Adil Dar (Main accused in terror funding case) or for limiting investigation, by approaching the investigating officer. I went to office of the then SDPO Panthachowk (Adil Mushtaq) for release of accused Umar Adil Dar who informed that it is difficult as he is involved in UAPA case and that he cannot be released immediately, but the officer informed that he will help them by keeping the investigation limited and demanded money for the same. I paid him 2.73 lakh rupees near VMS Pharma during day time besides the police officer told me to remain underground for a couple of months,” Zahoor disclosed in his volunteer statement recorded before magistrate.

After few months, he (DSP Adil) advised me and guided me in drafting the contents of frivolous complaint against SHO Nowgam on telegram chat. Also he guided me in recording a video clip so as to save himself, me and others. I recorded and sent this clip to him. Eventually the frivolous complaint was filed in the court of law in Srinagar and I was advised by DSP Adil Mushtaq to remain under ground for some more time till court order on that complaint comes, however, Police arrested me” he has further disclosed before magistrate. (KDC)

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