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Environmental crisis in Gbl: Reckless garbage disposal threatens pristine River Sindh

 Environmental crisis in Gbl: Reckless garbage disposal threatens pristine River Sindh

Raja Syed Rather

Ganderbal, Oct 03 (KNO): Environmentalists have raised alarming concerns as residents in several areas of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district continue to thoughtlessly dispose of garbage along the banks of Nallah Sindh, leading to the rapid deterioration of the once-pristine waterway.

From the breathtaking Sonamarg to the tranquil Wayil in Ganderbal, the people have been littering the banks of River Sindh at various locations.

As per the environmentalists who spoke with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), this rampant pollution poses a severe threat to the trout fish population inhabiting Nallah Sindh, as the water quality steadily declines due to the accumulation of refuse.

Despite the government’s persistent efforts to preserve the purity of Sindh Nallah, the people continue to engage in irresponsible disposal practices, they said.

The waste is being recklessly discarded along the entire stretch from Wayil to Sonamarg, with the debris ultimately finding its way into Sindh Nallah.

Expressing deep concern over this environmental negligence, an environmentalist highlighted the dire consequences of these actions, saying, “The garbage is now directly contaminating Sindh Nallah, making its water undrinkable. The once-pristine landscape of Sindh Nallah is marred by unsightly heaps of refuse along its banks.”

He urged the authorities to take swift action, calling on them to promptly clean up these areas and establish designated waste disposal sites. Such measures, he emphasised, are crucial to safeguard the public from the looming threat of diseases caused by this alarming contamination. He underscored the need for responsible waste management and environmental stewardship—(KNO)

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