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Ban on Fuel Sale to Two-Wheeler Riders Without Helmets in Anantnag District

 Ban on Fuel Sale to Two-Wheeler Riders Without Helmets in Anantnag District

Muzafar Ahmad Dar 

Anantnag Nov 30 (ANR) In a decisive move aimed at curbing the rising incidents of road accidents, the Deputy Commissioner of Anantnag, Syeed Fakhrudin Hamid, has issued Order No. 181/DCA of 2023 on 30th November 2023.

Citing a significant surge in accidents involving two-wheeler riders without helmets, the order highlights the grave consequences, including loss of life and severe injuries. The District Administration, in collaboration with the Police and Transport Department, has already intensified efforts to enforce traffic rules.

Under the powers conferred by section 144 Cr.PC 1973, the District Magistrate has mandated the following actions:

No Fuel without Helmet: Effective immediately, no petrol pump or filling station in District Anantnag is permitted to sell fuel to any two-wheeler rider without a helmet.

CCTV Surveillance: Petrol station owners are directed to install CCTV cameras providing clear footage of buyers. Any Executive Magistrate of 1st class is authorized to inspect this footage and report violators to the District Magistrate.

Personal Responsibility: Petrol stations found selling fuel to violators will be personally held responsible and dealt with as per the law.

Official Communication: Tehsildars are tasked with serving this order to all petrol stations in their respective jurisdictions, with intimation to the District Magistrate.

Any violation of this order will be addressed in accordance with section 188 of the IPC. The order, effective immediately, reflects the commitment of the authorities to enhance the security and safety of the citizens of Anantnag district.(ANR)

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