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Death toll across Palestine surges to 9,572, over 26,000 wounded

 Death toll across Palestine surges to 9,572, over 26,000 wounded

RAMALLAH, Saturday, November 4, 2023 (WAFA) – In the wake of the devastating Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank, the death toll has surged to at least 9, 572, with over 26,000 individuals wounded, the Ministry of Health said in an update this afternoon.

The Ministry said in a statement that the number of deaths in the Gaza Strip has reached 9,425, while the death toll in the West Bank also surged to 147. In addition, the ministry said, 25,000 Palestinians have been injured in Gaza, and nearly 2,200 others in the West Bank.

As of October 29, said the ministry, it's been reported that approximately 1,950 Palestinians, including at least 1,050 children, are missing, and they may be trapped or dead under the rubble, awaiting rescue. 

Of the 35 hospitals in Gaza, 16 are currently out of service due to the Israeli bombing campaign and the depletion of fuel reserves.

The shortage of fuel has left doctors with no choice but to perform surgeries without proper anesthesia, including those who have been injured in the airstrikes and women undergoing cesarean sections.

Since October 7, Israeli authorities have prevented patients in Gaza from leaving the territory to seek treatment in hospitals in Jerusalem and inside the 1948-occupied lands, including around 2,000 patients suffering from cancer.

This article is carried by Palestine,s official state news agency (WAFA) 

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