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Akshay Kumar owns ‘Team Srinagar J&K’ in ISPL T10 League

 Akshay Kumar owns ‘Team Srinagar J&K’ in ISPL T10 League

Rehan Qayoom Mir

Srinagar, Dec 13 (KNO): Renowned Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar has taken a step from the silver screen to the thrilling world of sports by announcing his ownership of the Srinagar cricket team in the prestigious ISPL T10 league.

Kumar's move to enter the sports domain has sparked immense excitement among fans, marking a significant moment in his multifaceted career.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the new venture, Akshay Kumar, as per the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), shared his eagerness to be a part of the pulsating cricket scene in Jammu & Kashmir.

Through his ownership, he aims to provide a platform for budding talents in the region, giving them a chance to showcase their skills on a grand stage.

In a post on Instagram, Kumar extended an invitation to aspiring players, offering them the opportunity of a lifetime to compete under his ownership in the upcoming ISPL T10 league.

“From cinema to the stadium! Proud to announce that I will be coming to @ispl_t10 as a Team Owner of Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) A chance to play in my team awaits. Register Now: Link in bio,” Kumar posted on his Instagram.

As the news of Akshay Kumar's ownership of Team Srinagar in the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) T10 league was met, locals erupted with excitement, seeing this as a golden opportunity to spotlight the city on a grand cricketing stage.

“Akshay Kumar choosing Srinagar for his team is a testament to our City's potential, as this is a chance to showcase our love for cricket and the incredible talent we have here,” said Zahid, a local from Sonwar Srinagar.

“This fantastic news will put Srinagar on the cricketing map, showcasing not just our talent but our hospitality and love for the sport as well,” said Salman from Bemina.

Similarly, the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) will be India's first-ever T10 Tennis ball cricket tournament, which will be played inside a stadium.

A total of six teams — Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Srinagar — will compete for the top honours.

The tournament will host 19 matches which will be played only in Mumbai. ISPL has announced its inaugural season, which is set to begin on March 2, 2024. ISPL t-10 will close on 20 December 2023 on—(KNO)

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