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Budgam’s Kangri artisan earns accolades for exceptional craftsmanship, receives reward

 Budgam’s Kangri artisan earns accolades for exceptional craftsmanship, receives reward

The master craftsman produces 12 unique Kangris

Umaisar Gull Ganie

Budgam, Dec 16 (KNO): A 64-year-old artisan from Charar-i-Sharief town of Budgam district has earned acclaim for his exceptional craftsmanship by producing a remarkable array of 12 distinct types of Kangris - traditional firepots used by Kashmiri people to keep themselves warm in winter.

Speaking with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Ali Mohammad Dar said he has been weaving Kangris in Charar-i-Sharief for the past 50 years. Approximately 100 other artisans in the area are also engaged in the Kangri craft.

Dar takes pride in his diverse range of Kangris, saying, "I weave around 12 types of Kangris."

His outstanding work recently earned him a 50,000 rupees award for crafting a unique Kangri. "We created a distinct and stylish Kangri that garnered much attention and received 50,000 rupees as a token of appreciation, while another creation earned us 30,000 rupees," he shared.

Reflecting on the changing landscape of his craft, Ali expressed concern, saying, "Around a decade ago, this craft was flourishing. However, it is now facing challenges due to the advent of modern heating equipment and clothing alternatives."

Despite these challenges, Dar remains dedicated to his craft. "We craft one Kangri a day, and the award-winning Kangri that captured attention took four days to complete."

Calling for government support, Ali emphasized the need for marketing assistance to revive and sustain this traditional craft.

He also detailed the pricing range of Kangris. "The most expensive Kangri, designed as a gift, costs around 2,500 rupees. The award-winning Kangri, for which we received recognition, is priced at 13,000 rupees. The lowest-priced Kangri is available at 300 rupees."

Dar believes that with governmental support in marketing, the future of Kangri craftsmanship can be secured for generations to come—(KNO)

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