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Court grants bail to seven students after celebrating India’s World Cup defeat

 Court grants bail to seven students after celebrating India’s World Cup defeat

Srinagar, Dec 02, KDC: After public criticism, J&K police have withdrawn the UAPA charges during investigation against seven Kashmiri students who were accused of raising pro-Pakistani slogans during the World Cup final.

A police officer confirmed to Srinagar based news agency Kashmir Dot Com and said the court granted bail to all the seven students today after the investigation officer (IO) dropped the 13 UAPA charges in the case.

All the seven students were granted bail today from a local court in Ganderbal district.

Earlier, seven Kashmiri students were arrested by the police in Ganderbal district after they allegedly celebrated the loss of India’s World Cup final match against Australia this month.

In a statement, a police spokesperson had said a number of opinions and comments have been made on the legal cognizance taken of the happenings surrounding anti-India sloganeering and intimidation of others who did not agree with them in a university after the conclusion of the World Cup cricket match.

“Two relevant aspects are brought to public knowledge. First : it is not merely about raising pro Pakistan slogans. It is about the full context in which the sloganeering took place. These slogans, as has usually been the case with select few bullies, were aired to intimidate those who disagreed and also to identify and vilify those who choose to keep a distance. It is also about normalising an abnormal : that everyone hates India (as different from the government of the day and party in power) ‘openly’,” he said.

The spokesperson added “This abnormal and false thing is practiced mostly on the back of separatist and terrorist networks. In other words, the aim is not airing personal preference of a particular sporting team. It is not about dissent or freedom of expression. It is about terrorising others who may be nourishing pro India feelings or anti Pakistan feelings or disagreeing. There were written complaints to evidence this.”

“Section 13 of UAPA is about inciting, advocating and encouraging separatist ideology. It is not about planning, aiding and executing actual terror acts. It classifies such actions as unlawful. In contrast to other provisions of act it is a softer provision of act,” read the statement.

“Hence as per the content of the complaints, FIR No. 317/2023 stands registered and section 13 UAPA invoked for inciting and abetting the unlawful activities. Section 505 and 506 IPC too has been invoked for ‘public mischief’ and ‘criminal intimidation’ respectively,” it added.

Police Spokesperson also said FIR is lodged on the basis of written complaint received and relevant sections are invoked as per the contents of the complaint. (KDC)

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