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Cyber Police Urges for Responsible Social-media Use In Kashmir

 Cyber Police Urges for Responsible Social-media Use In Kashmir

Srinagar, Dec 10 (GNS): Cyber Police Kashmir on Sunday issued an advisory urging social media users in the region to exercise responsibility aimed at discouraging spread of rumors, fake news, hate speech, and inappropriate content.

“All the social media users are advised to use social media platform responsibly and refrain from sharing rumours, fake news, hate speech or obscene, violent and defamatory content,” reads an advisory issued by Cyber Police, as per GNS.

“Moreover, social media users are cautioned not to indulge in propagation of terrorist and secessionist ideology and false narrative.”

“Circulation of any incriminatory content received from other users without verifying the actual facts may be avoided and on noticing/receiving any such information, instead of sharing with others, immediately inform Cyber Police Kashmir. Stay informed, be responsible,” the advisory further added. (GNS)

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