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GMC Anantnag Observed World AIDS Day 2023 at Dialgam Anantnag

 GMC Anantnag Observed World AIDS Day 2023 at Dialgam Anantnag.

Anantnag, 01/12/2023.

Government Medical College (GMC) Anantnag marked the observance of World AIDS Day 2023 with a solemn gathering at the main campus in Dialgam. The distinguished occasion was inaugurated by Principal GMC Anantnag, Prof. Dr. Anjum Farhana, who articulated that this event not only prompts reflection but also serves as a compelling call to action. Prof. Dr. Anjum Farhana emphasized our collective commitment to heightening awareness and combatting the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Dr. Fouzia Nazir, Head of the Department of PSM, extended a gracious welcome, particularly acknowledging the presence of participants from the Department of Community Medicine and the Department of Transfusion Medicine. She underscored the significance of collaboration and unity, asserting that a lasting impact on public health is achievable through joint efforts.

Dr. Fouzia Nazir stressed the importance of the commemoration, highlighting the shared responsibility in addressing the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS. She emphasized the ongoing need to dispel myths, reduce stigma, and promote understanding about this global health issue.

In a detailed lecture on HIV infection prevention, Dr. Athar Hafiz contributed valuable insights, underlining the collective efforts required to combat this public health challenge.

The collaborative efforts between the Department of Community Medicine and the Department of Transfusion Medicine were lauded as a holistic approach in tackling HIV/AIDS. By synergizing prevention, education, and medical intervention, the institution reinforces its capacity to make a positive impact on the lives affected by the virus.

Reflecting on this year's theme, "End Inequalities. End AIDS. End Pandemics," the call to address disparities and work towards a world with universal access to prevention, treatment, and support was reiterated.

Under the banner of "Let's Unite Communities," this year's theme resonated as a catalyst for change. The call to action urged everyone to contribute collectively to a future where HIV/AIDS no longer poses a global threat. The occasion concluded with gratitude for the participants, emphasizing the shared commitment to strive for a healthier and more equitable world.

Dr Reyana Qulsum, SR Dept of SPM spoke on epidemiology, Dr Hadiya Javid DNB Scholar on prevention of HIV while as Dr Bushra Peerzada SR Dept of Microbiology gave a detailed lecture on laboratory diagnosis of HIV.

The event witnessed wholehearted participation from faculty members, consultants, medical officers, paramedics, and medical students. Notably, medical and paramedical students actively engaged in poster presentations and quiz competitions, contributing to the overall success of the program.

Dr. Owvass Hamied Dar, Spokesperson GMC Anantnag, conveyed appreciation and gratitude for the enthusiastic participation, underscoring the importance of such collective endeavors in fostering a positive impact on public health.

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