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Kashmir Calligrapher sets record, writes Surah Yusuf on 15 metres scroll

 Kashmir Calligrapher sets record, writes Surah Yusuf on 15 metres scroll

Naveed Ul Haq

Budgam, Dec 11 (KNO): A 20-year-old girl Sabreena Nabi hailing from Charar-e-Sharief area in Budgam has left a remarkable mark in the world of calligraphy by writing Surah Yusuf along with its translated version in English and Urdu on a single scroll measuring 15.5 meters.

Recognized for excellent work from India World Records and the Influencer Book of World Records, she has secured a place among the best calligraphists in the world. 

Sabreeena said that her journey in calligraphy began with a passion for intricate handwriting and her dedication led her to undertake the significant task of transcribing an entire chapter of the Quran.

"I have always loved calligraphy and have been practicing it since I was in school. I first got a lengthy roll of single sheets from Delhi because I was having trouble finding it here. I used a sheet of paper measuring 15.5 meters in length and translated the Surah Yusuf into both Urdu and English. After finishing it, my efforts were acknowledged, and I received awards from a number of organisations,” she told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

According to Sabreena, it is just the beginning and she is working to write the 30 chapters of the Quran by hand—(KNO)

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