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Keep your mobile phone safe


Mobile Security Tips to Keep your Device Safe:-

Best Practices for Mobile Phones/Tabs

Before downloading any App, same should be checked for its reputation/review. Use Google play store for Android and for IOS use Apple App Store.

Do not store any classified/sensitive data (text, photograph) in the device.

Do not install third party Apps from unknown sources.

Disable background data for App which are not used frequently

Avoid use of wallet aggregator Apps which stores/links other e-wallets and banking Apps.

• Relevant Anti-virus software should be installed in the smart device and same be updated regularly.

• Turn off GPS location services when not needed.Disable/Remove the Apps which are not needed.

When device is idle, it should get locked and require a password/PIN or swipe pattern. Set the device to lock in relatively short time.

• Take back-up of data (contacts, personal photos, etc.) on external media.Do not reply or click on SMS or messages or photos sent by strangers.

Be cautions with public Wi-Fi. Many Smartphone users use free Wi-Fi hotspot to access data (tocut data cost). There are numerous threats associated with Wi-Fi hot spots To be safe, avoid logging into accounts, especially financial accounts, when using public wireless networks. Ensure auto-connect feature should not be turned ON.

The user should turn off auto-synchronization of the data in the device with cloud services to prevent upload of sensitive data to third party servers.

Avoid authorizing unnecessary permission (to access microphone, camera, data, etc) to Apps. User should also check privacy for verifying the permission authorized to each.

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