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Microsoft Translator Now Connects English and Kashmiri languages

 Microsoft Translator Now Connects English and Kashmiri languages 

Muzafar Ahmad Dar 

Srinagar Dec 26 (ANR) After years of anticipation, Microsoft Translator has finally broken down a major language barrier by adding bidirectional translation between English and Kashmiri. This historic move brings the vibrant Kashmiri language, spoken by over millions people  in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, onto the global stage of digital communication.

Previously, navigating between English and Kashmiri online often meant clunky workarounds and inaccurate translations. Now, with Microsoft's advanced machine learning technology, users can seamlessly translate texts, conversations etc in real-time between the two languages. 

The addition of Kashmiri to Microsoft Translator is part of a larger effort by the company to support diverse languages and cultures worldwide. In October 2023, Microsoft announced the expansion of its Translator platform to include four other Indian languages – Bhojpuri, Bodo, Dogri, and Kashmiri – demonstrating its commitment to linguistic inclusivity.

The launch of English-Kashmiri translation is a significant milestone for the Kashmiri community and a testament to the power of technology to bridge language barriers and foster cultural understanding. As people around the world embrace the opportunity to connect with Kashmiri language and culture, Microsoft Translator paves the way for a more inclusive and enriching online experience for all. (ANR)

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