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Scam-accused ‘Curative Survey’ send legal notice to Kashmiri man for defaming company online

 Scam-accused ‘Curative Survey’ send legal notice to Kashmiri man for defaming company online.

A Kashmiri man has received a legal notice for allegedly defaming the fraudster company ‘Curative Survey’ on social media.

The Chennai based Curative Survey company is accused of defrauding Kashmiri locals of crores of rupees and has raised serious concerns about online businesses

Ishfaq Dar son of Ghulam Mohuddin Dar, a resident of Handwara in north Kashmir, has received a legal notice from the law firm of Imran Ahmad, Advocate, representing the company Curative Survey. The notice alleges that Dar’s actions have led to defamation and potential financial losses for Curative Survey.

“I had went to the company’s office and later uploaded a video on social media explaining that the company was bogus and people were being scammed, but unfortunately when I did so, I was abused and heckled on social media, most of them Kashmiris. The harassment I faced both online and offline forced me to deactivate my social media,” Dar said.

According to the legal notice of which a copy is available with The Kashmiriyat, despite requests to delete the video and resolve concerns, the accused continued harassment, prompting the threat of legal action within 15 days.

Ishfaq initially expressed interest in investing in Curative Survey. After obtaining the prospectus and assuring participation in the business, his behavior took an unexpected turn, the notice read, adding, “Subsequently, Sahil Bashir uploaded a video on social media that reportedly tarnished the reputation of Curative Survey.”

The notice dated 13 December 2023, which was received by Ishfaq on Thursday morning said that multiple telephonic requests were made by Curative Survey to Sahil Bashir, urging him to delete the video promptly and visit their office to address any concerns related to the business.

Despite these requests, Ishfaq allegedly continued to “harass” Curative Survey and used abusive language during telephonic conversations, the company claimed through a legal notice.

The legal notice accuses the  of intentionally demanding money through deceitful means, potentially constituting an offense under the penal code

Imran Ahmad, Advocate, has called upon Sahil Bashir to delete the video on social media or respond to the notice within 15 days. “Failure to comply may lead to Curative Survey initiating legal proceedings under relevant sections of the Indian penal code, holding Ishfaq son of Ghulam Mohuddin Dar responsible for all costs and expenses incurred, ” read the notice.

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