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Grim situation in offing if Kashmir records snowless winter

 Grim situation in offing if Kashmir records snowless winter

Experts sound alarm, say without precipitation it will be like doomsday scenario, calm development of plants not possible, long term repercussions will be very serious

Owais Gul

Srinagar, Jan 15 (KNO): While there is no forecast of any major weather activity till January 23 amidst the prolonged dry spell, the experts here have sounded alarm, saying that in case the winter culminates without any major wet spell, the future situation would be grim in the Valley.

The news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), spoke to the experts, who believe that Kashmir is going to witness a tough time in case there would be a snowless winter this year.

Dr Muhammad Muslim, an environmentalist, who is also Assistant Professor at Kashmir University’s Environmental Sciences department, told KNO that a winter without precipitation in Kashmir will be like a doomsday scenario.

“The reduction in precipitation pattern will significantly impact water resources in the region. This may affect river flow and contribute to lower water levels in rivers that are crucial for irrigation, hydropower, and drinking water supply downstream,” he said.

Additionally, he added that decreased snow accumulation in winter months can impact the overall water availability during the warmer months, potentially affecting fragile ecosystems and agriculture of the region.

Dr Amjad M Hussaini, an Agricultural Scientist said that the future will be very grim without snowfall and rainfall in winters. “The precipitation in winters helps to ensure calm development of plants and vegetative phase as well. In case there is no precipitation, the calm development will not take place properly,” he said.

“The long term repercussions will be very serious. If we see at present the glaciers are receding, carbon emission is also increasing, and the situation is very grim. However, at the same time, deforestation is taking place. Until and unless we have a proper afforestation plan in place as a priority for next one decade at least, then only we may be able to reverse the things otherwise they are progressing in a negative way,” he said.

Furthermore, Director meteorological department MeT), Dr Mukhtar Ahmad told KNO that the dry weather conditions have been witnessed in the past as well. “We have seen December and January passing ending without any significant weather activity in 2018 as well. It is not for the first time that such a situation has been witnessed,” he added.

However, he added a feeble Western Disturbance (WD) is affecting Jammu & Kashmir tomorrow (January 16) and under its influence, Kashmir higher reaches would likely experience light snowfall while the plains may receive light showers as well.

Moreover, he said that a few feeble WDs are affecting J&K in coming days, but as far as the forecast is concerned, there is no possibility of any significant weather activity till January 23.

However, he said that more WDs are affecting from Jan 24, but the forecast will be known exactly in coming days—(KNO)

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