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‘In JK only 15% Govt teachers trained to use computer as medium of teaching

 ‘In JK only 15% Govt teachers trained to use computer as medium of teaching’

Riyaz Bhat

Srinagar, Jan 10 (KNO): In Jammu and Kashmir only 15 percent of teachers in government-run-schools are trained to use computers as a medium of teaching—raising a question on upgrading the quality of education in the public institutions.

According to the official figures accessed by the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) among the total number of teaching staff in Jammu and Kashmir, only 26,180 teachers were trained in use of computers and teaching through the means.

The official figures reveal that the department of School Education was having a strength of 1,67,000 teachers across the region out of which only 26,180 teachers were trained in use of computers.

At pre-primary level only, the official figures reveal that only 2037 concerned teachers were able to impart education through computers.

Similarly, at primary school, a total of 8934 teachers were trained to teach students through the medium of computers.

Likewise, at upper primary level, a total of 7852 teachers were trained to deliver the education through computers followed by 5083 teachers at secondary level and 2272 at higher secondary level respectively.

When contacted by the newly appointed Administrative Secretary, School Education Department Piyush Singla was not able to attend the calls.

Pertinently, KNO in November-2023 reported that in Jammu and Kashmir, nearly 5000 government schools located in remote and hilly terrains have infrastructural gaps.

The ‘JK Vision document 2047’ reveals that, “Infrastructure gaps exist in 5000 schools located in remote and hilly terrain.”

The Planning Department and Monitoring Department in the proposed vision has further revealed, “Considerable chunk of human resource is not skilled in the art of teaching, Over 36000 ReTs or RReTs are not possessing desired level of qualification have been regularised.”

Stating the further weaknesses, the department has said, “Development works get delayed due to hilly terrain and Climatic Conditions-snow bound areas.”

The documents also reveal that at least 1,67,106 teachers for 27.18 lakh students, i.e. one teacher for 16 students on an average are available in the region—(KNO)

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