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J&K to Remain Dry Until Mid-January, Isolated Rain/Snow Expected Later

J&K to Remain Dry Until Mid-January, Isolated Rain/Snow Expected Later

Srinagar Jan 14 (ANR) The Jammu and Kashmir Meteorological Department has issued a weather update for the UT, predicting dry conditions with no significant precipitation until January 24th. However, some isolated rain and snowfall is possible over the middle and higher reaches during two brief periods.

Key Points:

 Dry weather with feeble western disturbances (WDs) expected until January 24th.

Light rain/snow over isolated middle and higher reaches during January 16th and 20th nights due to WDs.

Possibility of light rain/snow at scattered places during January 25th to 27th, details to be confirmed later.

 Dense fog and cold days likely to continue till January 16th over Jammu plains.

No Significant Precipitation Until Mid-January:

Residents of J&K can expect a relatively dry fortnight ahead as no significant weather activity is predicted until January 24th. However, two feeble WDs are expected to bring light rain or snow isolated areas at higher altitudes on January 16th and 20th nights.

Uncertainty Beyond Mid-January:

While the short-term forecast is clear, the outlook for the period from January 25th to 27th remains uncertain. Different weather models suggest the possibility of light rain or snow at scattered places during this period. The Met department will provide a clearer update on this in the coming days.

Fog and Cold Days Persist in Jammu:

Residents of the Jammu plains, particularly, need to brace themselves for continued dense fog and cold day conditions till January 16th. As temperatures remain low, visibility is expected to be reduced, potentially impacting travel and daily activities.

Overall, the J&K weather forecast indicates a dry spell through mid-January with isolated precipitation at higher altitudes on specific nights. However, residents should stay informed for updates concerning the possible rain/snow later in the month. (ANR) 

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