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Kashmir's Hidden Gem: Sinthan Top Booms with Snow While Gulmarg & Pahalgam Disappoint

 Kashmir's Hidden Gem: Sinthan Top Booms with Snow While Gulmarg & Pahalgam Disappoint

Muzafar Ahmad Dar 

Kokernag Jan 16 (ANR) : While conventional tourist hotspots in Kashmir like Gulmarg and Pahalgam face the brunt of lackluster snowfall, a new star is rising in the Kashmir Valley - Sinthan Top. This enchanting destination boasts breathtaking beauty, thrilling adventures, and, unlike its counterparts, a generous blanket of snow.

Just a 30-34km winding uphill drive from Daksum and 70 kilometers from Anantnag, Sinthan Top is quickly transforming into a haven for adrenaline-seekers. Trekkers, mountaineers, and skiers are flocking to experience its untouched slopes and exhilarating panoramas. 

December 2023 saw a stunning testament to Sinthan Top's growing allure. Over 1500 domestic and 500 foreign tourists enjoyed the pristine snowcapped peaks, a stark contrast to the disappointment reported from other resorts.

"We're incredibly excited by these figures," shared the sub-division administration, extending a warm invitation to all explorers. "Come experience the magic of Sinthan Top, where the snow glistens under the winter sun and adventure awaits at every turn."

Additional Tips For Tourists As Informed 1st class Magistrate Tehsildar Larnoo

Accommodation : Two private hotels and homestays/guest houses available till Daksum.

 Timing : 10:30 am to 2:30 pm during normal weather conditions.

Distance : 30 km from Daksum, 70 km from Anantnag.

Mitigation Measures : Regular snow clearance, deployment of tourist police for assistance, and installation of portable toilets ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

As conventional tourist spots face challenges, Sinthan Top emerges as a beacon of winter charm, ready to captivate visitors with its pristine beauty and thrilling activities.(ANR)

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