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No Strike Call Has Been Given By JK Oil Tankers Association’

 ‘No Strike Call Has Been Given By JK Oil Tankers Association’

Srinagar: As the people across Jammu and Kashmir have been rushing to fuel stations to collect and hoard fuel – mostly Petrol and Diesel – over romours of a shutdown call by the truckers, the JK Oil Tankers Association has come on record saying no strike call has been given by the association.

Spokesperson JK Oil Tankers Association S. Harasis Singh in a video message, as per Alfaaz-The Words, categorically dispelled the romours doing rounds on social-media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp, about any such call by the Association.

Singh said he is speaking on behalf of the Association to inform the public that Association hasn’t given any strike call and that some miscreants are sharing false information to deceive the public.

Singh has appealed the law enforcement agencies to take action against those involved in dissemination of wrong information.

Earlier unverified messages infested social-media sites about a strike call given by the Oil Tankers Association on January 9, following which many areas in Jammu as well as Kashmir saw panic buying of fuel by the people.

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