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Taliban forces detain 10 people in Afghanistan for singing, playing musical instruments

 Taliban forces detain 10 people in Afghanistan for singing, playing musical instruments

Kabul, February 7: As the Taliban continues to expand restrictions on Afghan people’s lives, at least 10 people in the Yengi Qala district of Afghanistan have been arrested for singing and playing musical instruments, sources from Takhar province said, according to Khaama Press.

Taliban has been imposing restrictions on the people of Afghanistan for two years now.

According to the source, “People do not even have security in their own homes.”

The source further said that the Taliban forces raided a house in the Safi Mangal village of Yengi Qala district on Monday, and detained at least 10 individuals who had musical instruments with them, as reported by Khaama Press.

The local authorities of the Taliban have also confirmed the detention of 10 individuals on charges of “dancing, stomping, singing, and playing musical instruments” and emphasised that they were detained from a residential house.

Notably, the Taliban has banned the people of Afghanistan from playing music and dancing.

Under the rule of the Taliban, no one is allowed to engage in playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, or tramping, and this prohibition is even enforced in wedding halls, Khaama Press reported.

Moreover, among other restrictions, the Taliban has also banned women from operating beauty salons across the country.

Earlier this month, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its latest report, indicated a worsening economic insecurity under the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, Khaama Press reported.

The UNDP report, released on January 18, revealed that 69 per cent of Afghanistan’s population faces a shortage of necessities, including suitable living conditions, healthcare, essential goods, and vital job opportunities.

According to this report, the social and economic situation in Afghanistan has darkened since the Taliban seized power, resulting in severe economic insecurity for the people of the country.

The findings of the report continue to highlight the restrictions on women’s rights and its impact along with the collapse of the banking system in Afghanistan, according to Khaama Press report.

Despite the Taliban’s initial promise to take a moderate approach towards women’s rights after it seized power in August 2021, the ban on higher education is just one of many steps that the group has taken to limit women’s role in society.–(ANI)

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