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Crackdown on Expired Pesticides and Fertilizers in Kokernag

 Crackdown on Expired Pesticides and Fertilizers in Kokernag

SDM kokernag (Suheel Ahmad Lone) Takes Action to Ensure Quality Supply to Farmers

Kokernag Mar 13 (ANR) :In a proactive move to safeguard the interests of farmers, , SDM Kokernag, (Suheel Ahmad Lone) , has directed the Horticulture Department to intensify monitoring of pesticide dealers. The aim is to ensure the availability of high-quality pesticides and fertilizers as the spray season approaches.

According to details available to Anantnag News Reader Recent inspections led by the Horticulture Department in Sub-Division Kokernag revealed alarming findings. In the village of Watnard Zone Kokernag, authorities discovered 102 bottles of Nano Urea, 15 bottles of Biofertilizers, and 5 kilograms of Insecticides, all of which were past their expiration dates. Acting swiftly, the expired products were promptly destroyed on-site.

SDM kokernag Suheel Ahmad Lone's directive emphasizes the importance of maintaining standards in the supply chain. By closely monitoring pesticide dealers, the authorities aim to prevent the circulation of expired or adulterated products, thereby safeguarding the interests of farmers.

Farmers are urged to exercise caution and verify the quality and validity of pesticides and fertilizers before purchase. Additionally, they are encouraged to report any suspicious or substandard products to the relevant authorities promptly.(ANR)

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