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Tourist service providers in Pahalgam to have uniforms

 Tourist service providers in Pahalgam to have uniforms

Authorities direct taxi stands, hotels, restaurants to adopt uniforms, nameplates for staff interacting with tourists; Move aimed at enhancing professionalism, visitor experience: CEO

Jahangeer Ganaie

Pahalgam, Mar 22 (KNO): In a significant move, authorities in Pahalgam have directed all tourist service providers, including taxi stands, hotels, restaurants, and guest houses, to implement uniforms and nameplates for their staff members who directly interact with tourists. This directive is the first-of-its-kind in the area.

According to an advisory issued by the Chief Executive Officer of Pahalgam, taxi operators are specifically instructed to wear green uniforms and keep jute bags in their taxis for collecting unwanted items.

“Professionalism stands as the cornerstone of success and sustainability in tourist trade. It transcends mere transactions and encompasses a commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Professionalism in the tourist trade entails not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of visitors at every touchpoint, be it accommodation, dining, transportation, or recreational activities,” reads the advisory, as per the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

Stakeholders in the tourist trade are expected to uphold certain standards of professionalism to ensure visitor satisfaction and safety. Staff members interacting with tourists are expected to present themselves professionally and adhere to prescribed uniforms or dress codes where applicable, and demonstrate courtesy, politeness and respect at all times.

As a result of a unanimous decision made in a meeting of tourist trade stakeholders, all tourist service providers in Pahalgam, including taxi stands, hotels, restaurants, and guest houses, will adopt uniforms and nameplates for their staff members who directly interact with tourists and the general public. This collective decision reflects a commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and ensuring a seamless experience for tourists and visitors, it mentions.

According to the advisory, the distinctive green uniform with nameplates will facilitate easy identification of staff members. All stakeholders are advised to strictly adhere to this uniform policy and ensure its effective implementation within their respective associations. Uniformity in attire will not only enhance the professional image of their businesses but also instill a sense of trust and reliability among visitors, it reads.

The initiative aims to make Pahalgam a premier tourist destination known for its professionalism and hospitality.

Chief Executive Officer of Pahalgam, Tariq Hussian Naik, said that the objective behind this move is to instill professional ethics in tourism.

He said the standardized attire will not only enhance aesthetics but also help visitors easily identify staff members, which will create a sense of security and trust.

“Uniforms instill pride and professionalism among stakeholders, and positively reflect on the destination's reputation,” Naik said, adding that enforcing proper uniforms at tourist destinations is crucial for enhancing visitor experiences and maintaining industry standards in a competitive global market—(KNO)

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