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NCDC Core Committee Advocates for Summer Camps to Enhance Students' Experience

 NCDC Core Committee Advocates for Summer Camps to Enhance Students' Experience

In a recent meeting, the National Child Development Council (NCDC) core committee members, including NCDC Master Trainer Baba Alexander, Sudha Menon, Radha Sanjeev, Muhammad Rizwan, Sheeba PK, and Bindusarwati, gathered to discuss the significance of Summer Camps for school kids. During the meeting, the members expressed their belief that Summer Camps play a vital role in providing students with valuable experiences.

The committee members emphasized that these camps offer a range of activities, such as exploring new places, personality development, skill development, and sports.

They also suggested that teachers should be given additional responsibilities and separate remuneration for their efforts in organizing and supervising these camps. "This way, both students and teachers can benefit from the enriching experiences," members said.

One of the NCDC members has said that Summer camps provide a wonderful opportunity for students to explore nature and all its wonders. "It's a chance for them to step out of the classroom and immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world," he said.

Notably, National Child Development Council (NCDC) is an autonomous national child welfare organization, established to promote the welfare of women and children, besides ensuring education of children in India. https://ncdconline./ is the official website of NCDC.

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