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Clarification on Haj Pilgrimage Schedule Rumors

 Clarification on Haj Pilgrimage Schedule Rumors

It is for the information of Intending Pilgrims of Haj 2024 who are yet to leave for the pilgrimage that some rumors are circulating on social media regarding cancellation of flights and changes in the schedule for the upcoming Haj pilgrimage.

In this regard, we inform and request all the pilgrims not to believe in rumors and any unauthorized news items regarding the flight schedule. We strongly reject all such rumors and news items. There has been no change in the schedule up to 15-05-2023 which stands approved by the concerned authorties. 

As of now, our pilgrims have been alloted flight schedule which extends upto 31st May 2024 and is avilaible on offical website of Haj committee of India 

However, in some rare cases changes do occur due to *non availability of Haj Visa* and accordingly other pillgrims with available visa(s) are adjusted. In such cases, pilgrims are informed individually via telephone by JK Haj Committee at least 48 hours before their scheduled departure/ postponement. 

 For any quary/ concern regarding Haj 2024, pilgrims are requested to approach JK Haj Committee at 01942495365, 01942495367, [email protected]

(Executive Officer, JK Haj Committee) 

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