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Govt directs telecom operators to block over 28,000 mobile sets used in cybercrimes

 Govt directs telecom operators to block over 28,000 mobile sets used in cybercrimes

New Delhi, May 10: The Centre on Friday directed telecom operators to block for blocking 28,200 mobile handsets and issued directions to re-verify 20 lakh mobile connections associated with these handsets.

Ministry of Communications in a statement today announced the collaboration of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and State Police to curb the misuse of telecom resources in cyber-crime and financial frauds.

This collaborative effort aims to dismantle networks of fraudsters and protect citizens from digital threats.

An analysis carried out by MHA and State Police has revealed that 28,200 mobile handsets were misused in cybercrimes. The DoT further analysed and found that a staggering 20 lakh numbers were used with these mobile handsets.

Subsequently, DoT issued directions to telecom service providers for pan India blocking of 28,200 mobile handsets and to carry out immediate re-verifications of 20 lakh mobile connections linked to these handsets. DoT also directed telecommunication companies to disconnect after failing re-verification.

The Ministry of Communications, in a press release, conveyed that, "The unified approach demonstrates a shared commitment towards public safety and to safeguard the integrity of telecommunications infrastructure and ensure a secure digital environment."

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken such steps in the case of cybercrime. On Tuesday, DoT disconnected a phone number used in a financial scam, as well as blocked 20 mobile handsets associated with the number, an official statement said.–(ANI)

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