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JK Govt Launches 'Design Your Degree' Initiative for Tailored Higher Education

 JK Govt Launches 'Design Your Degree' Initiative for Tailored Higher Education

Universities Unite to Customize Educational Paths, aligning with NEP goals

KNO Correspondent

Srinagar, May 09 (KNO): A push towards the widespread adoption of the "Design Your Degree" program in all universities and higher educational institutions across Jammu and Kashmir has been initiated. An inter-institutional coordination committee is set to be established to spearhead the implementation of this initiative, aligning with the goals outlined in the National Education Policy.

As per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the committee will comprise two representatives from each educational institution, convening monthly to strategize and ensure the effective integration of the Design Your Degree program.

The proposal to implement this initiative was deliberated upon during a recent meeting of the Jammu and Kashmir Higher Education Council, presided over by Professor Dinesh Singh, Vice President of the Council. Professor Singh emphasized the program's compatibility with the National Education Policy objectives, highlighting its potential to foster academic innovation and facilitate holistic education and skill development. Under the four-year curriculum of the Design Your Degree program, students will have the flexibility to explore diverse educational trajectories, fostering their personal growth and development.

During the meeting, Vice Chancellors from various universities provided updates on the progress of implementing Design Your Degree within their respective institutions. Notable attendees included Principal Secretary of the Higher Education Department, Alok Kumar, Vice Chancellors of prominent universities such as Jammu University and Kashmir University, as well as representatives from other educational institutions.

In addition to institutional efforts, initiatives are underway to raise awareness among parents, students, and faculty members regarding the Design Your Degree program. Collaborative activities with the Chamber of Commerce are planned to serve as platforms for discussions and exhibitions, showcasing the evolving educational landscape of the state. These endeavors aim to underscore the pivotal role of education in driving socio-economic development, with a particular focus on engaging stakeholders through programs like Design Your Degree—(KNO)

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