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Suhaim Shafi A Self taught sketch artist studies at SSI Mominabaad

 Suhaim Shafi A Self taught sketch artist studies at SSI Mominabaad.

Sheikh Nadeem

Suhaim Shafi Son of Mohammad Shafi Dar resident of Janglatmandi Anantnag a young and budding sketch artist who has made mark in the field of art by making Potraits,cartoons,Animals and Paintings etc.

Hailing from Janglatmandi area of South Kashmir's Anantnag,Suhaims Father by profession a Chemist feels proud by suhaim's Art. He was interested in making sketch and paintings since years. His biggest achievement was portrait of his Father of Nation Mahatama Gandhi and Shayir e Mashriq Sir Mohammad Iqbal's Potriat. Since then art has become important part of his life as he represents hisr feelings and emotions through it.

A student of Class 6th Standard at Scholars Scientific Institute Anantnag.Earlier, he used to draw cartoons and after that he learned to make portraits.He has also made sketch of Mirza Galib,His teacher Nadeem Yousuf,Alama Iqbal and others.

“I didn’t know anything about Sketch Art. I took help of YouTube to learn the art,” he said.

The 14-year-old artist is passionate about painting. His parents have been very supportive and have always backed her when he was learning the art of painting.  

“My parents have always supported me and guided me and I’m working hard to be successfull in this field,” he said.He is a self taught artist who is really touching the heights of success due to his unique art of sketching and Drawing.

He is passionate about his art and want to give wings to his dreams.Artists use their unique form of artwork to pass along their views and feelings.

The importance and value of art and the artist to society has remained constant throughout history.

Art produced by an artist creates an innovative way of viewing the world or society around us.

Interpreting art depends on a person or artist experiences, their associations, visionary thoughts and culture.

He said that an artist can paint any situation through his art may it be happy or sad.

In his Message he said that every artist from Kashmir has inspired his art and he wants to learn morein this field.

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