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Property tax, toll plazas, smart meters, unemployment to remain JK Congress's key issues for upcoming assembly polls

 Property tax, toll plazas, smart meters, unemployment to remain JK Congress's key issues for upcoming assembly polls

KNO Correspondent

Srinagar, Jul 05 (KNO): The Jammu and Kashmir Congress intensified its preparations for the upcoming assembly elections with a strategic meeting at the party office.

Congress State President Vikar Rasool gathered feedback from party workers and officials regarding the recent parliamentary elections and urged them to accelerate their efforts for the assembly elections.

As per the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) Correspondent, the meeting emphasised that the focus will be on holding the BJP accountable for what the Congress terms anti-people, anti-youth, anti-student, and anti-farmer policies. Inputs were sought from block and ward presidents to gauge the party's grassroots activities.

Vikar Rasool criticized the BJP, claiming it struggles to confront opposition leader Rahul Gandhi in Parliament and resorts to "street-level hooliganism". He accused the BJP of avoiding democratic debate and dialogue, instead opting for tactics aimed at gaining cheap popularity. Rasool asserted that the Congress is prepared to challenge the BJP democratically and vowed to defeat the BJP's "divisive" politics in the upcoming elections.

He further accused the BJP of engaging in vote-bank politics and manipulating public emotions. Rasool directed party officials to educate the public about the BJP’s communal agenda and instructed Congress workers to highlight issues such as property tax, toll plazas, smart meters, and unemployment when engaging with voters.

Working President Raman Bhalla echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the rising unemployment rate. He alleged that the government advertises job openings, collects application fees, and then cancels the jobs, leaving many young people disillusioned and over the age limit for employment. Bhalla predicted that the youth would challenge BJP leaders on their lack of support and action.

Bhalla condemned the BJP leadership for neglecting the mandate of Jammu and claimed that those who remained silent for power no longer have the right to stay in office. He lamented that BJP leaders' attitudes have hurt people and accused the party of misleading citizens with religious and caste-based politics. Bhalla warned that such divisive strategies are dangerous for both the state and the country—(KNO)

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